Express Garage Doors - Sectional Type Garage Doors

Designed to be safe and easy to operate. Doors open vertically and the sections travel into the garage along overhead tracks, allowing side wall storage space to be accessed. Most people use their garage for storage of high value items and where garages have a door connecting to the house, they form a potential point of entry for intruders. Security is therefore paramount, and our sectional garage doors are designed with a range of security features.The vertically opening door action does not kick-out, making sectional doors ideal for short driveways or where cars are parked close to the door in or out of the garage. This can be especially useful for high backed vehicles such as MPVs and 4x4s

Perfect match to UPVC finishes for doors and windows, available in 15 standard colours and with over 200 RAL colours made to order, Quiet Operation, Effortless Opening, very strong with excellent stability and Safety for you and family, Fits garage openings of most shapes & sizes, standard sizes and made to order up to 5500mm wide. Double skinned galvanised steel with excellent thermal insulation helping to insulate your garage against heat loss and noise

Up to 5 Year warranty on Automatic Openers



sectional garage door brochure, express garage doorsClick Here to Download Sectional Door Brochure

winchester oak hormann sectional with side door

Winchester Oak L-Ribbed with matching side door - click to enlarge

garage door small ribbed garage door small panel
Small Ribbed- click on image to enlarge

Panelled with Windows (optional extra)-
click on image to enlarge
garage door m-ribbed garage door large ribbed
Medium Ribbed- click on image to enlarge Large Ribbed with Matching Entrance Door-
click on image to enlarge
garage door s-ribbedgarage door m-ribgarage door L-Ribbed
Click any image to Enlarge - Small Ribbed and side door...Medium Ribbed and side door...Large Ribbed and side door

Why not consider an electric operator, a smooth motor with soft start & stop for improved safety also features a courtesy light with the smart entry system, anti thief backdrive, and technology which generates a unique encrypted rolling code every time the transmitter is used makes these doors one of the most secure doors available.

hormann sectional garage doorHormann Promatic

light oak, dark oak, rosewood, decograin

Woodgrain Finishes (from left) - Light Oak , Dark Oak, Rosewood. (Click for larger view)

woodgrain, golden oak, night oak, titan metallic, decograin

Woodgrain Finishes (from left) - Golden Oak, Night Oak, Titan Metallic. (Click for larger view)

Sectional Garage Door Colours - All Colours are based on RAL colour system

white aluminium garage door colour terra brown garage door color clay brown garage door colour ochre brown garage door colour

White Aluminium - RAL 9006

Terra Brown - RAL 8028

Clay Brown - RAL 8003

Ochre Brown - RAL 8001

window grey garage door colour light grey garage door colour stone grey garage door colour anthracite grey garage door colour

Window Grey - RAL 7040

Light Grey - RAL 7035

Stone Grey - RAL 7030

Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016

fir green garage door colour moss green garage door colour pigeon blue garage door colour steel blue garage door colour

Fir Green - RAL 6009

Moss Green - RAL 6005

Pigeon Blue - RAL 5014

Steel Blue - RAL 5011

ruby red garage door colour light ivory garage door colour traffic white garage door colour  

Ruby Red - RAL 3003

Light Ivory - RAL 1015

Traffic White - RAL 9016