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Insulated Roller Doors
insulated automatic roller door Maximise drive through width and height with door fitted behind the opening
vertical lifting door enables you to park right up to door, ideal for short driveways, MPV's and 4x4's
with safety edge "stop and reverse" obstruction detector
Foam filled aluminium laths help to insulate against heat loss and noise corrosion resistant, light yet strong with good all round sealing qualities
A range of 18 colours standard, metallic and woodgrain finishes allow a choice sympathetic to your home
Ceiling clearance required above lintel between 270mm with low headroom options at 205mm



Non Insulated Roller Doors
non insulated roller garage door Premier grade steel galvanised door available in Manual or Automatic options
vertical lifting door enables you to park right upto door, ideal for short driveways
easyglide spring assisted opening as standard with twin locking bars
Ideal to gain maximum width, a single curtain fitted to the rear surface of the front brickwork
Good security and protection against the weather available in choice of 13 low maintenance colours
400mm (16 Inches) and 225mm (9 Inches) ceiling clearance above the underside
Manufactured in Galvanised Steel or Aluminium with Manual or Automatic options



Sectional Doors
hormann sectional garage doorMaximise drive through width and height with door fitted behind the opening, ideal for short driveways
vertical lifting door enables you to park right up to door, ideal for MPV's and 4x4's  
One of the most robust and secure doors on market, Manual or Automatic options
Good protection against the weather with rubber sealing in between panels and around the door frame
Separate horizontally hinged panels, fit to the rear surface of the front brickwork of your garage
Easy to automate - a soft start/soft stop opener with safety obstruction reverse feature



Up & Over Doors
Up and Over garage door Available in many different designs and materials: Steel, Timber, GRP and UPVC. 

Space saving canopy doors - no hardware inside garage when door is closed

Retractable type gearing can be automated

The door swings outwards as it opens and then slides upwards, with the door protruding

You are unable to park too close to the garage door.Pre-framed versions are available.


Personnel or Side Doors
personnel and side doorsFor quick, easy access Side doors are extremely practical,without having to open the garage door

Steel Side doors can match the appearance of the garage door

Side doors are available in different designs and colours of the RAL colour chart.

The Insulated sectional type double-skinned steel sections are insulated with PU foam

Surround and frame 60 mm thick weather-proof aluminium extrusions with all-round seals

Woodgrain-embossed or a silky-smooth Silkgrain surface finish


Side Hinged Doors
side hinged garage door A very traditional looking style of door that is manufactured in timber, GRP, UPVC or steel secure, corrosion resistant garage doors, manufactured from premium grade galvanised steel
different designs and finishes available to order, option on 3 point security locking and draft sealing pack
Side hinge doors open outwards and therefore need good clearance when being opened so not great if you have a short driveway or open directly onto a public area 
A good choice if there is no clearance inside your garage to allow for an up and over door
Security is good if you have overlapping leaves and use bolts at the top and bottom of the door